Gluten-free/vegan products

Gluten, dairy, and egg allergies can make it difficult to enjoy cake at a birthday party, Christmas cookies around the holidays, and so much more. The last thing we want is to leave you with limited treat options.

 We don't want anyone to miss out on the fun of a holiday or a birthday party, which is why we offer a wide array of gluten-free or vegan baked good options - so you don't ever have to miss out!

Come on in today and fill up on our amazing allergen-friendly treats!

***** Please note that while we do use gluten-free flour for our gluten-free products, there is cross-contamination with other gluten flours in our bakery.

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Please contact Harvest Bakery to order your baked goods today Or stop in and see what's coming out of our oven.

Some of our allergen-friendly baked goods

We offer a number of different options! Take a look below at a few of the goodies we can bake for you!

                  Gluten-Free                                                          Vegan                                                        Dairy-Free *not egg-free*

Blueberry muffins                              Cupcakes                                                  Brownies

Cupcakes                                                        most donuts                                       cookies

Cakes (made to order)                     most breads                                         eclairs

    ~ We do need at least one week's notice for gluten-free/vegan cakes ~